connects people to Community Solar, allowing them to save money with clean energy. We created their brand and campaign.


Sunscription is a subscription service that connects people with Community Solar. By simply signing up and connecting to your energy bill you receive savings. Sunscription is owned and operated by US Solar. Our assignment was to create a visual identity for the service and bring it to life with a marketing campaign that helped differentiate Sunscription from its competitors.

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Through discovery and research, we found that competitors offering Community Solar programs were unclear in describing the service with a negative tone of voice. They lacked a clear story with an optimistic and consumer-friendly message about Community Solar. With a name like Sunscription, we created a marketing campaign that plays off the name with a fun and playful tone of voice. The portmanteau-like approach of using "sun" in replace of words that sound similar. Our campaign "Sunthing for everyone." is meant to say that no matter your reason, Community Solar is right for you.

We created three messaging pillars focusing on environmental impact, financial savings, and energy independence. These three pillars created opportunities to use our unique tone of voice to describe things more positively and clearly.

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  • Brand Discovery & Research
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Visual Identity System
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Applications
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Illustrations
  • Art Direction
  • Garrick Willhite
  • Bryn Bundlie
  • Bill Gunter
  • Thom Kordonowy
  • US Solar / Sunscription
  • Visual Identity System & Brand Development
  • 2023